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International Orders

The ordering process with our online-shop at www.pictopia.at is fairly simple. Even though the text pieces and our first automated E-Mail response are in German language only, the ordering and registering procedure is completely standard web-ordering.

Simply put the products you want to order in our shopping cart system and register and send the order.

Of course you can also copy and paste the books you want to order and send them to us via E-Mail ( Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen JavaScript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können )

When you send your shopping-cart order online, you have only placed an order but you have not yet paid online. We will go through your order and send you a personal and detailed E-Mail confirmation in English complete with our bank account information and the final end price. We will also show the shipping cost to your country.

Simply transfer the outstanding amount of your order to our bank account and we will send you the books as soon as we have received your payment. As soon as he we have sent the books you will receive another E-Mail confirmation from us that your books are already on their way to you.

If you have further questions and comments please write to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen JavaScript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können and we´ll be glad to assist you.


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